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This links page is provided for students with an interest in Cognitive Science, and in particular for students studying the courses PSY105 "Discovering Cognitive Science: Minds, Brains, and Machines", and PSY304 "Cooperative Models of Mind".

Help With Academic Writing

The Open University Effective Use of English site is a good place to start if you want to improve your academic writing skills or to check whether you are using the 'tools' of writing (grammar, punctuation, etc.) correctly. If you want to talk to someone about writing skills make an appointment with the University's Writing Advisory Service, at 283 Glossop Rd (0114) 2221780. This service is targeted at home students (native English speakers as well as International ones). Remember that any improvements you can make now could help you achieve better results in exams and coursework throughout your University career.

PSY105 related sites

the following sites are provided as background material for the lectures, and as support for the assignments.

PSY304 related sites

(the following sites are mentioned in specific lectures or handouts)


Other Interesting Sites

(the following sites may be of general interest to students and are not in any particular order)

Other Useful Link Sites

Research in Cognitive Science and Adaptive Behavior

Find out what is happening in Cognitive Science research in Sheffield, the UK, and around the World. This is not a comprehensive list but should provide some good starting points.

University of Sheffield Research Groups

UK Research Groups

International Research Groups



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